Business Overview

Greenko's strategy is to create a well-diversified power portfolio which is diversified both technologically and geographically, has no fuel dependency and is at grid parity. We generate electricity from a variety of clean technologies, broadly spread across India's different geographies. Our intention is to work in those States that offer a good renewable resource, as well as a supportive economic and regulatory environment for renewable energy. As such, we are increasingly developing clusters of projects, as this builds on our local knowledge and goodwill, ensures faster implementation, better operational management and more robust resource data. This approach means we mitigate risk, secure multiple revenue streams and are positioned to lock-in the most attractive new opportunities.

Hydro Portfolio

Greenko is one of the largest operators of small hydro projects in India and will continue to add medium sized hydro projects to retain a balance of assets to ensure that risk is spread both geographically and across technologies. We selectively choose projects that can be developed within a cluster, thereby increasing developmental and operational synergies. Our projects have minimal social & environmental issues as well as low gestation period due to fewer clearances and predictable construction.

Wind Portfolio

The Group's wind strategy is based on extensive analysis aimed at delivering a reliable long term generation profile, using validated wind data, robust project design and commercial return hurdles. Our execution plan is differentiated from the broader Indian wind energy market that is focused on scale and turnkey solutions. To support this strategy, Greenko is partnering with leading wind turbine manufacturers in the world to develop the wind assets.

Greenko's diversified portfolio of clean energy power projects, both operating and under active development, is an attractive and sustainable class of long term assets for the Indian market. The grid parity achievement of the Group's wind and hydro portfolio, coupled with India's growing inefficiency to deliver cost-effective power from fossil fuel sources, means that Greenko is well positioned to provide financially attractive, sustainable long term returns.